About Us

What is “FutureSchool”? Who are we?

It is our children who will create a happy and peaceful society in the future. That is why the “education” is very important.

We, NPO FutureSchool, are hoping to create “FutureSchool” which is based on children’s wonderful creativity and imagination, not designed by adults. We value the question “what is school for?”

While introducing the unique schools and teachers in the world, we would like to design new future school with you, and send a message from children to the world.


  • Through essay and speech contests, we gather the ideas from children, what kinds of schools they are looking for, and send their messages to the society. We like to think about how the school is supposed to be with children who are at full potential of imagination that no adult can think of. We act to create a school based on children’s ideas somewhere in the future.
  • To rouse the ideas of creating schools from children, we introduce the unique schools in the world. And, while transmitting the passion and ambition of people who are trying to create schools, we tell children the importance of having a dream and having a strong will to make that dream come true.
  • We nurture the “young entrepreneurs” who will be future leaders for creating/managing schools and teaching in academic field while working on the above activities.

Introduction of organization

Name Non-Profit Organization FutureSchool
Foundation 2002
Type of NPO
  • Work for children’s sound education
  • Work to enhance education in society
  1. Promotion of active self-expression
  2. Overseas study tours for people in academic field
  3. Overseas study tours for social workers
  4. Publication/introduction of educational activities and news in the world
  5. Publication/introduction of social contribution activities in the world
  6. Support globalization of educational organizations
  7. Support parenting
  8. Other necessary activities to accomplish the purpose above
Location Tokyo, Japan
Board Members Makiko Kashikura

Senior Educational Consultant
President of Educational Information & Consultants, Japan

15 years of experiences as a study-abroad/educational consultant. First Japanese to be certified as a member of IECA (International Educational Consultants Association). Only 230 members in the world! Started NPO activities to create a future school, with a strong relationship with educational organizations including schools worldwide and supporters.

Eri Miyagawa

Worked as management consultant, but switched career because of the childhood dream to work at international educational organization. Future dream is to create a school for my future children!

Hirozumi Asai

Went to America in 1974 with a passionate dream to be a motorcycle racer. Switch his dream to be a pilot. Studied aerospace and certified as a pilot. Effort to chase the dream became energy to move forward in his life. Current dream is to make other people’s dreams come true. Father of 3 daughters who all studied abroad according to family policy.

Yoshitaka Omine

Always surprised by children’s imagination, as surprising people around him with the imagination nobody had ever thought for good or bad. Excited to work for Future School from children’s point of view, not from the adult’s.


Essay and Speech Contest in New Zealand

“The annual essay and speech contest 2004 will be held in September. We are looking for your participation!”

With a cooperation of Educational Information & Consultants Japan and Unique New Zealand Education (www.unz.co.nz), we organize speech contest in New Zealand every year. The theme for this year’s contest was “If I were a school principal, how would I run a school?” The winner of New Zealand Students Division won the 2 weeks of cultural exchange trip to Japan, and will come to Japan in January to experience Japanese culture and education while home-staying at Japanese family. We are looking for your participation next year!

Report: The 3rd Annual Essay and Speech Contest Theme: IF I were a School Principal, how would I run a school?
Report: The 2nd Annual Essay and Speech Contest Theme: Learning Together
Report: The 1st Annual Essay and Speech Contest Theme: Friendship



Chisholm Institute The key vocational education provider in south-east Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and South Gippsland. It provides a wide range of accredited training programs leading to qualifications in many professional, technical and industrial fields.
Toorak College An independent day and boarding school in Australia for girls Year 4 to Year 12 and co-educational from 3 Year old Pre-school to Grade 3. It is committed to providing a supportive and stimulating environment in which all students are able to develop fully their personal, social and academic potential.


Queen Margaret’s School Secondary school founded in 1921. Diverse learning opportunities that include fine arts, athletics, community service. Strong riding program.


The American School in England Famous international school in the world. Students are from 35 different countries. Founded in 1955 by Ms. Fleming. Very strong program in music, drama, art and sports.
Bell International English language learning school since 1955 to students of all ages from all over the world. good reputation for delivering outstanding quality in education and personal attention. Great environment to study.
St. Giles College One of the largest and most successful international English language training organisations. 9000 students, from over 70 different countries. Centers in England, USA, Brazil and China.


Educational Information,  Consultanting & Mentoring  (EDICM) Educational consultants to support overseas studies for all age, mainly for secondary school students. Only agents to be member of IECA, Independent Educational Consultants Association.
Yatsuri Nursery School Nursery school in Tokyo, which provides very unique bilingual education. Famous in public media.
Air New Zealand, Japan Donates the flight ticket for the winners of Speech Contest.

New Zealand

ASB Bank Ltd. Donates the award for the winners of Speech Contest.
Auckland English Academy A high quality, progressive English language school with two locations in Auckland. Since 1988, specializing in communication English and exam preparation, the school teaches English for life and is committed to students’ progress.
Crown CMMN One of the best schools in New Zealand. Established in 1972. A friendly school. Staff are very kind and caring. Some courses are funded by the New Zealand Government & Ministry of Education.
Education New Zealand Organization to support education in New Zealand, managed by 250 different schools. Judge of the speech contest every year.
Long Bay College Secondary school in Long Bay. Its mission is to develop independence, excellence and a creative spirit Students and teachers are very friendly and caring. Offering of the place for Speech Contest.
New Plymouth Girls’ High Schoo “Girls’ high school in NZ, to provide a secure environment where young women are encouraged both to value themselves as individuals and to work together to develop to the full their own special skills and talents along with a sense of responsibility, citizenship and cultural awareness. ”
Otago Boys’ High School A proud record of academic achievement, celebration the success of its sporting teams and individuals at National level. Good diversity of students.
Unique New Zealand Education English language school in Auckland, NZ, that also plan&organize the study tours from overseas, and offer guardianship for international students. Co-sponsor of Speech Contest.
Wanganui Girls College English language school in Auckland, NZ, that also plan&organize the study tours from overseas, and offer guardianship for international students. Co-sponsor of Speech Contest.


The American School in Switzerland Famous international school in the world. Students are from 35 different countries. Founded in 1955 by Ms. Fleming. Very strong program in music, drama, art and sports. Great environment to study & live.


Kaplan Inc. The nation’s leading providers of lifelong education, headquartered in New York City. The company has evolved well beyond its historic test preparation roots.
Wyoming Seminary The oldest private coeducational independent college preparatory school in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Great campus. Very Competitive. Donation of Summer School Scholarship for Essay Contest.

Contact Us

Address 1-10-23 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
Phone +81-3-3408-2901
Email info [at] futureschool.or.jp